Principal of Ghaazee School.

' Belonging to Ghaazee School is a privilege, whether it is as a student, parent, teacher, Leading Teacher, Deputy Principal or a Principal. And, with all other privileges the responsibilities associated are many and synonymous with high expectations and high standards from all stakeholders of the education fraternity. We exercise professionalism in carrying out our responsibilities, foster good relationships based on mutual respect and cooperation, and also be accountable for our students’ all-round development. Our Moto is ‘Progress with Purpose.’ As the Head of Ghaazee School, I am committed to find ways by which Ghaazee School could move forward. I expect our Senior Management and all staff to work towards achieving excellence. I also expect all staff to reflect on their past experiences and set self-motivated professional targets for further development. We should work together with students and parents to promote students’ discipline and classroom learning to achieve excellence. Together we can do it. '