Name Date Download
Ghaazee Shining Stars Criteria 2022-20232022-11-08PDF
Prefect Board Policy 2022-20232022-11-08PDF
Activity Calendar 2022-20232022-09-20PDF
Standard Operational Procedure of Ghaazee School 2022-20232022-08-29PDF
BURUNU - A New Approach to Behavior Management2021-12-02PDF
Naastha Usool2021-11-17PDF
Prize Policy 2021-20222021-10-31PDF
Color Award Policy2021-10-19PDF
Internet safety Policy2020-12-27PDF
Extra-Curricular & Co-Curricular Activities Policy2020-01-16PDF
Policy on Student Transfer2020-01-13PDF
Juvenile Justice act 18/20192019-11-20PDF
Self harm, Suicidal Ideation and Attempt Protocol2019-10-14PDF
Anti-Bullying Policy2019-02-13PDF
Assessment Policy2018-03-22PDF
Behavioral Management Policy2018-03-19PDF
Equality Policy2017-12-14PDF
Child Protection Policy2017-08-23PDF
Child Protection Policy (English)2017-08-23PDF
Students Attendance Policy2016-05-31PDF
Guidelines for Recording and Reporting Cases in Schools2015-03-19PDF
Safety Measures During Activites in the Sea2003-10-14PDF